Sending push messages to your own subscribers on ProPush (and checking the revenue share %)

While updating this thread:

I came with an idea to check if I can send push messages to my own list that I’ve built on Propush using PropellerAds.

Also, I wanted to check if that 80% revenue share is true :)

I needed to find out my Zone ID, so I logged into my Propush account, and checked the zone where I have some subscribers. I’m on Revenue share model on Propush, not CPS.


I decided to use Zone ID 5253*** , and I decided to send messages to my subscribers from Indonesia, since I know I have some there.

In my PropellerAds account I’ve create a new push campaign, targeting Android, ID, and my Zone ID:


I’ve let the campaign run yesterday, with a $10 daily budget. Bidding model was fixed CPM.

So, after $10 was spent yesterday, today I went to my Propush dashboard to see the results.. and…


WTF? $10 spent on PropellerAds, and only $0.7 in my Propush account?

I’m really looking forward to hear some feedback from @PropellerAds and @ProPush .

I plan to perform these kind of tests on more push traffic


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