Need some advice to optimized my push campaign

I run an push campaign last week and it show a not bad performance, these are the general data of my pretest:

  • Ads Type : Classic Push
  • My Problem :
    • I test too much Prelp on the firest Pretest(7 prelps),so i think my data is not clearly to find which are the good one?
    • As you can see the Data of Connection -> Prelp, Different prelp have different performance on different connection, should i necessary to test divide by connection type?If i do that , i may need more cost to do . I believe that i will not add 7 prelp to test at beginning………
    • I have try to select the zone which convert > 2 or 3 to test a small WL campaign,some of them performanc good when the other shows bad,i am too rush?Could anyone give me advice to make it.
    • As the last 3 question, now I am confusing that which section should i cut on order?For example:
      • Prelp -> Zone -> Connection Type
      • Zone -> Prelp -> Connection Type
      • Connection -> Prelp -> Zone
    • I have read some message that for classic push the important section is

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