How To Realign Your Mindset To Achieve Professional Growth

With Inman Access you can unlock more knowledge across a wide variety of topics to keep your skills in tip-top shape. This week, learn how to realign your mindset for professional growth and increase agent productivity.

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Join Bill Storm, Tony Robbins’ top coach, for a mindset training designed to give you the tools to play bigger, invest in yourself and discover practical strategies to grow your business in today’s uncertain market.

Vija Williams of PLACE, Veronica Figueroa of The Figueroa Team, Jonathan Spears of Compass, and Spring Bengtzen, Utah Life Real Estate Group, share their strategies for preparing agents for today’s market, along with techniques to hold them accountable in achieving their monthly goals.

Now is the time to fine-tune your knowledge, get ahead of your competition and spring into action with confidence. Join Inman Access to unlock the videos above, plus so much more.

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