Google Search New Box “Maps On This Topic” & “From Your Subscriptions”

Google Search is showing and maybe testing news and top stories related boxes with a headline that says “maps on this topic.” Also, Google can also know what publications you are subscribed to and show you “from your subscriptions” content as well.

Maps On This Topic

This Maps on this topic box is super unusual and it came up for a news query in Google Search for Shalom Goodman. He shared this screenshot on Twitter:

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I mean, there are no maps here listed, so this is a bit weird to me?

From Your Subscriptions

I am not sure if this is new, but it seems Google Search knows what publications you are subscribed to and can show you a section of content you are subscribed to. So this is labeled “from your subscriptions.” This was spotted by Lily Ray who posted this screenshot on Twitter.

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