Google Search Grammar Check Feature

Google Search can now tell you if your query is using proper grammar. Google will show you a green checkmark under the title “Grammar Check” when you get the grammar right.

I think this is new, as the help document on this feature was only spotted by the Wayback Machine a couple of weeks ago.

I cannot replicate this but Rahul Savasariya noticed it and shared a screenshot with me on Twitter:

click for full size

Google said “To analyze the language, grammar check uses AI systems and might not be 100% accurate, especially with partial sentences. You can use Google’s grammar check feature to check if a phrase or sentence is written in a grammatically correct way or how to correct it, if not.”

You’re likely to get a grammar check result when you include “grammar check” or “correct grammar” in your search or if Search understands that you want a grammar check. For example, you may type the following:

  • it was a pleasure meeting you grammar check
  • correct grammar it was a pleasure meeting you

The output provided by grammar check verifies if grammar is correct. If not, it indicates how to correct the phrase or sentence. It can also correct spelling mistakes.

You can learn more over here.

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