Google My Ad Center Rolling Out Globally

Google My Ad Center is now rolling out globally to all users, giving users the ability to control the ads they see or do not see, across Google Search and Google properties. Google said you will “also be able to block sensitive ads and learn more about the information used to personalize your ad experience.”

Here is how Ginny Marvin from Google summed it up:

Nicole has a really nice deep dive into the features on Search Engine Land.

In My Ad Center, you can tap on the three-dot menu next to a Google ad and choose to see less of those types of ads. You can also choose to see ads about things that you care about, like deals for sneakers or holiday gifts for your loved ones, Google explained:

Here is an example of this in action:

You can turn off ads personalization completely, if you want. You can also choose to limit ads related to topics such as alcohol, dating, weight loss, gambling, pregnancy and parenting.

In My Ad Center, you can tap on “Customize Ads” to choose the topics and brands you want to see more or less of.

Plus a lot more…

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