EPC ERA – next generation multi-vertical affiliate network


Hey everyone👋

We are happy to introduce EPC ERA – a new generation multi-vertical affiliate network

Our main goal is to provide webmasters with everything they need to get profits in the
shortest timespan possible

We have collected offers from various direct advertisers for the following verticals:
sweepstakes, gambling, dating, finance, nutra, leadgen, and bizzop. These verticals are
currently converting very well and can bring you an income in a short period.

Why do we claim that our affiliates will get full support:

  • At the start, our managers assist in selecting the offer and the source, according
    to your budget and skillset
  • Furthermore, managers will help analyze your creatives, and provide you with
    landing pages and apps that will significantly decrease your CPC.
  • We help you out with software, payment systems, and other consumables that
    you need for launching
  • If you don’t have sufficient cash flow, our managers will help you get advance
    payments, so that you can scale up.
  • There are cases when the advertiser has an issue with the traffic quality. We
    always protect your interests, to get maximum payouts for your leads.

It is in our team’s best interest to see your best results. We


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