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Are you having issues using Discord? Here, we have explained how to fix Discord Right Click Paste Not Working.

Fix: Discord Right Click Paste Not Working

Discord was launched in 2015 and has since experienced a lot of updates and improvements, which include mostly new features and bug fixes.

Many users still experience issues due to bugs and glitches while using the app.

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The error occurs when there is a heavy server load on Discord. If you are witnessing connectivity problems while using Discord, many users are trying to open it simultaneously.

However, some users are currently having issues using Discord. For many, the Discord app is crashing on PC. Whatever the case may be, we have got you covered.

Below, we have explained the Discord Right Click Paste Not Working and how to fix it.

Why is Discord Right Click Paste Not Working?

Discord Right Click Paste Not Working is due to some reason. These include technical issues in the app or the server is down.

Also, you may have your network connection turned off, or your device is running in low data mode. Otherwise, you might have a cache issue.

Fix: Discord Right Click Paste Not Working

How to Fix Discord Right Click Paste Not Working

1.      Confirm that the Discord server is running

If Discord is stuck on checking for updates screen, you should check that the Discord server is running. When the server is down, you may experience app issues.

You can check if the server is down from the DownDetector website or see if anyone is tweeting about the issue on Twitter. If you find out that many people are reporting this issue, the server will likely be down.

However, there is nothing you can do except wait until the issue is fixed

2.      Be sure that your system meets Discord’s requirement

Sometimes, you might encounter problems if you try to run Discord without these requirements. Ensure your system has the minimum system requirements or is above them.

You can find the requirements on the Discord support page.

3.      Restart your system

Discord Right Click Paste Not Working might require that you restart your PC. Before proceeding, you need to close the window and restart your device.

Restarting your PC could be the fix you need. To restart your PC, close Discord and other apps, then find the restart option from the Windows Menu or press the “CTRL + ALT + Delete” keys and choose Restart.

After restarting your device, you can relaunch Discord, and the error should be fixed.

4.      Update your graphics card driver

An outdated graphics card driver could be corrupted or damaged. Hence, it would lead to issues when you attempt to play Discord.

Go to the “task manager” and choose “Device Manager”—next, double-click on the “Display Adapters” option to see a pop-up message.

Choose “Update Driver” from the pop-up and select “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software”. After updating the driver, you can check if the Discord Right Click Paste Not Working has been fixed.

5.      Run the app as an administrator

You can fix the Discord issue by running the app as an administrator.

To achieve this, add the Discord shortcut to your desktop and right-click on it. Now, from the set of options in the menu that appears, select “Run as administrator”.

If the Discord Right Click Paste Not Working is caused by compatibility issues, then the only way to fix it is by running it as an administrator.

6.      Change the app compatibility settings

Changing the Discord compatibility settings will enable you to run it as an administrator. To do this, you must add Discord to your desktop. Afterwards, right-click on it from the desktop.

This will display a menu with options, and you must select “Properties”. Now, the properties of Discord will be shown.

Next, locate and select the “Compatibility” tab to change the app’s compatibility. Finally, choose “Run this program as an administrator”.

This will ensure that the app always runs as an administrator. There will be no need manually select “run as an administrator” every time you need to use Discord.

7.      Close other background tasks

If you have many tasks running in the background, it may affect the running of Discord. Try to close other tasks consuming your resources.

Afterwards, you can relaunch the Discord app.

8.    Contact the Support Team

If none of the solutions above works, and you keep getting the error, you can request the Support team’s help.

You need to wait for the Support team to resolve your issue.

9.  Wait and use Discord later

Since the app is returning an error because of a heavy server load, you can wait and use it when the number of users online has reduced.

The Discord app is experiencing connectivity issues. In this case, you can wait and use the app later.


Discord servers take more than they should, returning errors to users. The Discord Right Click Paste Not Working is just one of the many recent issues about Discord.

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