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With more than 4 billion users worldwide, social networks are positioned as an essential tool to generate business opportunities in any industry. And this is not limited to marketing and the customer journey. You can take advantage of social networks and their insights to build up your online businesses and earn a fortune without ever stepping out of your comfort zone. Below, we will show you ten business opportunities you can run solely on social networks. Besides, there would also be a few tips on identifying, building, and marketing a business through these powerful modern tools. So let’s get started.

Top 10 business ideas for social media

Here are the top 15 ideas you can start using social media for:

1. Blogs

Blogging is a truly classic online business idea, but they are still relevant. You can create a professional blog and use it to bring in readers from social media and earn a solid income from different ad platforms, such as Google AdSense. Besides, a blog gives excellent visibility to your business, regardless of what services or products you sell. For instance, if you are running a dog grooming business, a blog with topics such as “Modern Dog Haircuts” and “How to Keep Your Dog Healthy” would serve your business quite well. You can easily set up a blog using different website builders, such as Wix or WordPress. You can then market your blog on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to gain traffic.

2. Online store

An online store is another classic social media business, serving both owners and customers well. It is the easiest business you can run on the internet. Simply select a product, build a website, and start marketing to sell your product on social media and earn vast amounts of money. Despite its age, e-commerce is still growing.

3. Offer handyman services

Next up is to offer handyperson services on social media. You can provide occasional repairs, renovations, cleaning services, an on-site car wash, and more. It can be confusing where to start, but you can build a brand with the right strategy and content. For example, if you are willing to provide car wash services and establish yourself as a master of your field, you can create videos of cleaning a car. This way, you will be earning both through video monetisation and also by getting more and more customers.

4. Internet sales consultant

It is one of the fastest-growing sectors on social media, with individuals earning thousands of dollars monthly. The business will require you to provide e-commerce sales consulting. You can run social media ads for individual firms or companies. You can provide consultancy on which products to sell or handle the social media profiles of different businesses. It is a pretty vast field, and there is still quite a significant gap between the demand and supply of skilled individuals with the technical knowledge to run a successful ad campaign.

5. Search services

It’s a long shot, but if you are good at searching for stuff on the internet, people are highly likely to pay you to find the relevant information. It might not seem like a skill to you, but thousands of freelancers earn huge sums by searching the depths of the internet to provide individuals and businesses with the required information. There is a lot of information on the internet, and sometimes we waste a lot of time searching on Google, so offering a search or comparison tool for a specific service can be a good business idea. For example, a company might need information on its competitors, and you, being the search wizard with all your fancy tools, can dig up the data and earn a significant amount of money.

6. Online casinos

Online casinos are another excellent option for building a solid income stream. You can run live poker or roulette games and offer free bonuses on registration (like on this page to attract players from social media platforms. Or, you can actually build a full-on online casino website and start marketing to attract players. However, most social platforms do not allow you to run casino ads, so you must develop a strategy to run your casino successfully.

7. Games

Games are another way to earn big bucks on social media, as you can run a lottery on one of the social networks with daily draws. However, it will take time for you to build up your brand and trust where people actually come to risk their money.

8. Online training services

Today, the internet allows you to create an online teaching platform with few resources and little effort, with which you can offer your courses over the internet to practically everyone. You can use influential social media platforms to reach out to potential students and earn a solid payout.

9. Video blogging

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Create your own YouTube channel with very creative and original videos. You have to take advantage of the excellent visibility that this audiovisual giant can give you. Besides, other social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok also pay a handsome amount to the content creator.

10. Translations

If you are good with more than one language, a translation business might be a business opportunity for you. The internet world of markets is increasingly demanding. It allows more companies to make the leap into new markets. Still, they need professional translation services to be able to do so, and you could be the person offering a solution to those companies.


Social media is a powerful phenomenon, as you can reach out to billions of potential clients without leaving the comfort of your house. Therefore, no matter which business you start, you will always find an audience if you play your cards right.

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