8 Free Real Estate CRM Software 2023

Utilizing client relationship management (CRM) software supports a real estate agent’s lead generation and nurturing efforts along with maximizing lead potential. Many free real estate CRMs provide sales management, marketing, and automation features that allow agents to focus on developing deeper client relationships. Best of all, these CRMs allow agents to allocate their budget toward other expenses to support building a successful real estate career.

We’ve evaluated dozens of options to narrow it down to the eight best free CRMs for real estate agents based on features, ease of use, customer reviews, and support:

  • Freshsales: Best free realtor CRM without user count limitations
  • Zoho CRM: Recommended for a customizable CRM with an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant
  • Agile CRM: Top CRM with lead scoring and sales gamification
  • Insightly: Great CRM for teams that require configurable profiles for different access levels
  • HubSpot CRM: Exceptional CRM with reporting features for a busy sales environment
  • Bitrix24: Excellent CRM for cross-team collaboration tools
  • IXACT Contact: CRM with social media lead generation add-ons
  • Zillow Premier Agent: Ideal CRM for agents seeking leads through the Zillow network

Best Free CRM Software for Real Estate at a Glance

CRM Software
Number of Users
Mobile Application
Marketing Capabilities
Customer Support
Freshsales logo that links to Freshsales homepage.

Unlimited users

  • Email templates
  • Chat campaigns
  • Lead generation bot

Phone, email, and live chat

Zoho CRM Logo that links to Zoho CRM homepage.

Up to 3 users

  • Target marketing with client segmentation
  • Web-to-lead forms
  • Online ad campaign tracking

Phone, email, and live chat

Agile CRM logo that links to Agile CRM homepage.

Up to 10 users

  • Email tracking
  • Paid online advertisement management
  • Website builder

Phone, email, and live chat

Insightly logo that links to the Insightly homepage.

Up to 2 users

  • Email and newsletter campaigns
  • Client feedback capture forms
  • Comprehensive marketing reports

Phone and email

HubSpot CRM logo that links to HubSpot CRM homepage.

Unlimited users

  • Content creation for lead generation
  • Lead conversion tools
  • Intelligent marketing analytics

Phone, email, and live chat

Bitrix24 logo that links to the Bitrix24 homepage in a new tab.

Unlimited users

  • Launch campaigns within CRM
  • Create retargeting ad campaigns
  • Marketing cost tracker

Phone, email, and live chat

Ixact Contact logo

1 user (new agent)

  • Mobile compatible agent websites
  • Professionally written content
  • Website connection to social media platforms

Phone, email, and live chat

Zillow Premier Agent logo that links to the Zillow Premier Agent web page in a new tab.

Unlimited users

  • Automated drip marketing
  • Conversation tools for exclusive relationships
  • View client home searches

Phone and email

Freshsales: Best Free CRM Without User Count Limitations


Freshsales logo that links to Freshsales homepage.


  • Role-based data access for growing teams
  • Drag-and-drop features
  • Customer support five days a week


  • Free plan does not include multiple sales pipelines
  • No integrations with third-party real estate lead generation sites
  • Does not sync to third-party email providers


Freshsales is a CRM that provides real estate agents with transparency across activity on the platform. It’s scalable for team growth, and its ability to have unlimited users means no surprise upgrades are required unless additional features are needed. Additionally, the Freshsales CRM was chosen as one of the best overall free CRM because the free plan contains contact lifecycle stages, contact and account management, a mobile app, and built-in chat, email, and phone.

The Freshsales software supports growing a successful real estate business since artificial intelligence (AI) enhances productivity through contact scoring and deal insights so agents can focus on the best leads. The automation tools increase a real estate agent’s efficiency by reducing manual lead assignments and contact categorization. Additionally, the CRM provides multiple communication channels for agents to connect with their leads through webchat, WhatsApp, phone, email, and more.

Data analytics and governance play an important role when using the Freshsales CRM for real estate professionals. The analytics provide strategic insights into performance through a series of reports like sales cycle, velocity reports, and sales activity. These reports help agents become more data-driven by understanding which activities correlate to closing deals and the length of time it takes to convert leads into deals. On the other hand, data governance will ensure that agents and team members access only information available to their role or department.

Additional Freshsales Features

  • Mobile application: The mobile application provides agents with real-time notifications, text message communication with clients, and voice recordings, and lets agents check in and check out at assigned client appointments.
  • Date integrations: Freshsales connects to other productivity applications like QuickBooks, DocuSign, Zapier, and more.
  • System customizations: Customize the CRM to fit your sales cycles, contact lifecycles, and create custom fields.
  • Sales pipeline management: Helps agents prioritize, track, and monitor incoming leads with unique sales pipeline creation to match the sales process, but can also have different pipelines for different geographies and deal types.

Freshsales Pricing

The Freshsales’ CRM pricing reflects team size and operation requirements. There is a free CRM for real estate, plus three paid tiers based on customization needed, AI requirement, sales territories, auditing requirement, etc. Agents can choose to pay on a monthly basis or receive a small discount with an annual purchase. Here is a pricing breakdown per user, per month, for each plan:

  • Free: The free account includes contact and account management tools, lifecycle stages, chat, email, and phone features, 24×5 support, and mobile application access.
  • Growth: $18 for everything in the Free plan plus visual sales pipeline, contact scoring, sales sequences, 2,000 AI bot sessions per month, and WhatsApp business features.
  • Pro: $47 for everything in Free and Growth plans plus the ability to have multiple sales pipelines, time-based workflows, deal insights, 3,000 bot sessions per month, and sales teams and territory management.
  • Enterprise: $83 for everything in previous plans, additional customization modules, AI forecasting, audit logs, 5,000 bot sessions per month, and a dedicated account manager.

Freshsales Reviews

Freshsales CRM scored 4.6 out of 5 based on 1,020 reviews. Many users found the CRM was completely customizable to fit their sales environment and complex use cases. It’s not a one-size-fits-all CRM for companies with unique structures and growth limitations. One user said the CRM helped them shorten their sales cycle through automated marketing campaigns.

A few negative reviews of Freshsales centered around how the data was integrated into the platform. One user said they could not have custom contact filters based on custom fields. One client was disappointed to find out the limitations with the number of emails that could be sent out through the platform per month. Users who would like a higher daily email allowance should consider HubSpot’s CRM, as they allow 500 emails per day on the free account.

Zoho CRM: Best for a Customizable CRM With AI Assistant

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM Logo that links to Zoho CRM homepage.


  • Does not require technical ability to set up
  • Has mobile application
  • Built-in real estate email campaigns


  • Canvas design view for reports not supported by mobile
  • Lacks drag-and-drop form fields in bulk
  • Free plan limited to only three users


Zoho CRM is ideal for small real estate teams to maximize usage of the free plan. The free real estate software is easy to use and set up and doesn’t require any technical ability. The AI features include an assistant named Zia, who can assist with managing CRM data. Real estate agents can chat with Zia or use voice commands while on the go to fetch data, take notes, or even calculate sales data.

We named Zoho CRM the best for customization because of the Canvas Builder for Zoho CRM capabilities. Canvas allows agents to customize each page of their CRM for increased user experience through attractive pages and the ability to re-organize key data within the CRM. Agents can also highlight critical business data, so there is quicker access and sales reports become more visually appealing.

Besides being a free CRM for realtors, Zoho CRM is a powerful system that can house all business data and client information. Agents can also store their employee data, contacts, and transaction activities on the platform. Zoho CRM streamlines business operations through its automation features like routine task reminders and interaction with third-party applications like Mailchimp, Slack, and Google Workspace.

Additional Zoho CRM Features

  • Listing management: Through the Zoho Developer Console, agents can create custom modules that can act as a database to contain available listings.
  • Team collaboration tools: The free real estate CRM software allows teams to communicate through activity feeds, chat, notes, and so on.
  • Sales analytics: Monitor sales activity and make data-driven decisions with activity reporting, marketing campaign results, team performance, and more.
  • Omnichannel communication: Connect and engage with clients through phone, chat, email, social media, and webforms.

Zoho CRM Pricing

Zoho CRM offers a free plan without a credit card required for sign up. In addition to the free plan, they offer four paid plans billed by the number of users on a monthly or annual basis (listed below as monthly pricing).

  • Free: The free real estate CRM provides access to marketing, and customization features, webforms, and limited integrations.
  • Standard: For $20, agents get the features in the free plan plus sales automation, CRM analytics, data administration, email tools, and integrations.
  • Professional: For $35, you get everything in the Standard plan plus process management, customer support modules, and inventory management.
  • Enterprise: For $55, get everything in the Professional plan plus access to Zia.
  • Ultimate: For $65, access everything in the Enterprise plan plus back-end integrations.

Zoho CRM Reviews

Clients of Zoho CRM said they were impressed with receiving features like mail templates, emails, contact management, and invoice management—all for an affordable price. Positive reviews mention the ease of transferring data to the CRM and having a space to keep documents centralized, which is probably why Zoho CRM was rated a 4 out of 5. The CRM is so customizable that many clients use the CRM for internal organization purposes alone.

Out of the box, the platform was not up to par for some clients. Their platform required some customization to fit their business. One user was disappointed that you could not delete a user. You had to mark them inactive, which they found inconvenient. Another user mentioned the email marketing tracking capability was difficult to locate within the CRM. For better marketing visibility, Agile CRM offers a dashboard that clearly outlines marketing activities in an easy-to-digest format.

Agile CRM: Best for Lead Scoring & Sales Gamification

Agile CRM

Agile CRM logo that links to the Agile CRM homepage in a new tab.


  • Unlimited storage of documents
  • Social media integrations
  • Lead scoring available in free plan


  • Platform interface could be more intuitive
  • Marketing automation not offered in free plan
  • Client contact storage is limited


Agile CRM offers sales enablement, marketing automation, and extended customer service hours. It’s a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) with a mobile application that can be accessed on the go. Agile CRM offers integrations with social media plugins, office productivity tools, customer service software, and many more with just one click to add to the platform. Agents with coding capabilities can create their own custom widgets.

Agile CRM is one of the only free CRMs for real estate agents offering sales gamification. Sales gamification is making a game out of your sales process to increase collaboration, lead conversion, and healthy competition among your team. Lead scoring is a methodology that ranks prospective clients based on their behavior. The process is automated based on the agents’ triggers, like opening emails, visiting your website, etc. This score helps agents determine which leads to focus on.

The free Agile CRM plan offers sales features for up to 10 users. The free plan features include contact storage, management, and email tracking. Additionally, the plan comes with custom data fields, lead scoring, unlimited storage of documents, and deals and task management. Agents can also schedule appointments directly through the CRM and create custom business milestones. These features support the entire real estate sales cycle from client lead generation to deal closure without adding extra integrations.

Additional Agile CRM Features

  • Lead prospector: Ability to find prospective clients on social media platforms and add them directly to the CRM.
  • Electronic signatures: Easily upload documents into the CRM and create a form field for e-signature for faster document completion.
  • Team chat software: Allows real estate teams to communicate within the platform through chat, video, and file sharing capabilities.
  • Inbox: Having an inbox directly in the CRM reduces the need to switch between multiple applications. Agents can also manage third-party inboxes directly in their CRM.

Agile CRM Pricing

Four simple per-user, per-month plans are offered in Agile CRM. Agents can switch between plans as needed. For paid plans, payment can be made monthly with discounts for yearly and two-year commitments.

  • Free: For up to 10 users and up to 1,000 sales contacts, includes all the basic sales and marketing features like email campaigns, web-to-lead, and landing page builder. The platform also provides canned responses, basic reports, one plugin, and contact-level analytics.
  • Starter: Starting at $8.99 for up to 10,000 contacts and the addition of two-way email integration, marketing automation, social monitoring, and the knowledge base.
  • Regular: Starting at $29.99 for up to 50,000 contacts, custom deal tracks, two-way telephony, and mobile marketing.
  • Enterprise: Starting at $47.99 for unlimited contacts and post-call automation, call recording, automated voicemails, SendGrid integration, and access controls.

Agile CRM Reviews

Users of Agile CRM rated it a 4.0 out of 5 based on 317 reviews. The positive reviews mentioned the platform was easy to understand, and the available tools are used straightforwardly. Users could also add contacts both manually and automatically through website forms. Many users thought the platform provided simple marketing support while also being affordable.

Some negative reviews mentioned they were unaware of the unavailable features in the free plan. Many users said they found glitches in the mass email marketing, stating that some customers never receive the emails. The CRM also only allows the export of contacts, not any other information stored. If users are interested in exporting data, then consider Zoho CRM, as it allows the export of both modules and reports to Excel format.

Insightly: Best for Teams That Require Configurable Profiles for Different Access Levels


Insightly Logo that links to Insightly homepage.


  • Mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Can send bulk email with tracking
  • Ability to scan business cards using the mobile app


  • Customer service only limited to business hours
  • No live chat support
  • Annual commitment required


Insightly offers free CRM software for real estate agents. The platform combines lead management with seamless marketing automation to create high customer satisfaction. Agents can manage leads with automatic lead routing that tracks lead activity and relevant information from marketing campaigns like phone calls and meetings. Prospective leads will flow through a series of automations set up by agents to reflect their business process for gaining a higher lead conversion rate.

Insightly allows larger teams using a paid plan to configure profiles for each team member to limit their access to data that isn’t relevant to their positions. Sometimes data within a CRM can be viewed by all users, which can cause conflict in a sales environment. Team leaders can choose simple or advanced permissions for their team to limit access to record types, records, links, and visible actions.

The Insightly mobile application allows Insightly users to update their projects in real time, so they don’t miss a beat between showing and listing pitches. From the app, agents can update task status, milestones, and deliverables. They can even change the commission rate or create new opportunities while at a showing. The available dashboards are critical to understanding business performance. Through charts, graphs, and gauges, agents can understand projected reviews and sales performance at a glance.

Additional Insightly Features

  • Workflow automation: Workflow automations minimize manual reminders and supports sales activity by sending automatic reminders, tasks, filling out fields from new opportunities, and so on. It essentially picks up some slack to reduce the need for meetings, calls, and emails.
  • Lead routing: Eliminates the need for sales managers to manually assign leads to their team. Leads can be routed by geography, round robin, number of employees, and custom routing capabilities.
  • Relationship linking: Provides a 360-degree view of contact for a better understanding of their interaction or connections. Leads can be linked by relationships between people, events, and connections to organizations.
  • Custom applications: Custom apps can be created with or without code to be deployed to employees and team members. Apps can include calculations, workflows, dashboards, and reports.

Insightly Pricing

Insightly offers three types of plans, including a free account, paid plan, and a free trial. All plan prices are billed per user, per month, annually. All pricing plans limit the number of records that can be imported simultaneously, along with limits to mass emails sent per day.

  • Free: The free CRM software for real estate comes with basic features to manage contacts, leads, and projects. Agents can access the standard dashboards and custom reports. However, the free plan limits file storage usage.
  • Plus: For $29, agents get the features offered in the free plan, plus added sales pipeline tools like web-to-lead capture, email templates, and email automation. It also includes relationship management tools, real-time sales insights, project delivery, integration with Google, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. User-based permissions are included as well.
  • Professional: For $49, the plan offers the addition of lead assignment and routing, scheduled emails, Zoom registration, PandaDoc, QuickBooks Office, Xero integrations, webhooks, and complete workflow automation. The professional plan also supports AppConnect integration.
  • Enterprise: For $29, agents get unlimited record limits and file storage. There are also added automation features included, like calculated fields, field-based permissions, custom validation rules, and more.

Insightly Reviews

Reviews of Insightly said the platform is very user-friendly, which is reflected in the 4.2 out of 5 stars the platform received. Clients used the platform to keep organized and track many ongoing projects easily. One client mentioned the tasks and workflows kept business in order, while also contributing to a team’s overall efficiency. They were impressed by the ability to filter data on the platform to help them service their customers better.

Past Insightly clients mentioned the CRM has its limitations in creating enough fields for certain data collections. The platform also easily creates duplicate contacts with limited integrations with third-party sites. One client mentioned a price increase occurred when features were added to the platform, no longer making it affordable for their team. Larger teams looking for a free CRM can leverage Freshsales’ CRM, which includes unlimited users, mobile applications, and contact and account management features.

HubSpot CRM: Best for Reporting Features in a Sales Environment

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot logo that links to HubSpot homepage.


  • Available content management software
  • Unlimited number of free users
  • Free plan holds up to 1,000,000 contacts


  • Professional and Enterprise plans can be expensive on a per-user basis
  • White labeling platform only offered on paid plans
  • Phone support not offered on free plan


HubSpot offers complex CRM plans aimed at meeting different business objectives. The plans include software that focuses on sales, marketing, customer service, content management software (CMS), and operations. In addition to this software, HubSpot offers a free CRM for real estate agents that can still satisfy the needs of agents with different objectives.

Within the CRM for marketers, HubSpot offers a robust reporting dashboard that contains analytical business and customer insights. These dashboards are a centralized area to access marketing and sales data. Agents can choose from a dashboard template to leverage premade marketing and sales dashboards for common usages. The platform allows agents to create up to 300 dashboards, which is why we named it an exceptional CRM for reporting features in a sales environment.

Some of the best features for real estate agents are the platform’s contact management and lead activity tracking capabilities. Instead of using multiple spreadsheets to track incoming leads and activity, HubSpot’s contact management solution lets agents add contact records with one click. They can log any sales activity automatically to keep their records updated.

Regarding the lead’s activity, HubSpot allows for call and email tracking to not only prioritize the day’s calls but also make calls directly within the CRM. Email tracking provides agents with insights on when clients open their emails to signal who’s engaging and most likely to convert into an opportunity.

Additional HubSpot CRM Features

  • Gmail and Outlook integration: Integrate your personal email to HubSpot’s CRM to utilize available email templates for increased client engagement.
  • Deal tracking: The deal tracker monitors sales activity within your team and allows leaders to create reports to understand when you’ve hit your sales goals.
  • Mobile CRM app: Agents can manage their sales process, outreach, and team collaboration directly on their phones. Accessing your data anytime lets agents prioritize their outreach and stay on top of client communication.
  • Meeting scheduler: The free meeting scheduler lets prospective clients schedule meetings with you to eliminate time spent on back-and-forth emails to find a date and time.

HubSpot CRM Pricing

HubSpot CRM offers individual pricing and plans along with bundles of marketing, sales, customer service, CMS, and operations hubs. Agents can also select from a CRM Suite and create their own bundle to pick and choose which hubs they like. Payments per user can be made monthly or annually with upfront payment (monthly pricing listed below). Within each hub, paid plans are broken down by starter, professional, and enterprise options.

  • Free: The free CRM gives full team visibility and free marketing, sales, customer service, CMS, and operations tools.
  • Starter: Starting at $25, agents have access to all the free tools plus whitelisting capabilities, email and in-app chat support, automation tools, conversation routing, and landing pages.
  • Professional: Starting at $400, agents get everything in the Starter plan, plus collaboration tools, campaign reporting, phone support, content strategy, and custom reporting.
  • Enterprise: Starting at $1,200, agents get everything in the Professional plan, plus team scaling tools, advanced reporting, and predictive lead scoring.

HubSpot CRM Reviews

HubSpot was praised positively, with users giving it an average of 4.4 out of 5-star rating. Clients found the platform allowed them to streamline their work, manage their time, and keep everything in one place. The automation processes help keep track of tasks that need to be completed. Another user said the email tracking and conversion analytics help them connect better with their clients.

The CRM was reviewed by 9,180 people, and less than 7% of users rated the platform less than 3 stars. The few negative reviews cited the free features lacked some functionality that forced them to purchase a paid plan. One user said the assets stored within the CRM platform are stored in multiple places, so accessing campaign assets can be difficult. For better storage options, Agile CRM offers unlimited document storage in its free CRM plan.

Bitrix24: Best for Cross-team Collaboration Tools


Bitrix24 logo that links to the Bitrix24 homepage in a new tab.


  • Project management offered in all plans
  • Free plan offers unlimited users
  • Document storage integrations with One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box


  • Customer service limited to business hours
  • No listing management tools
  • Free plan lacks video call screen sharing functions


Bitrix24 offers an online workspace for teams of all sizes. It offers collaboration tools, CRM, website, and human resources (HR) automation features in one simple package for managing a growing team. The customizable CRM allows agents to access, organize, and manage their client data easily. The platform makes it easy to transfer business data over from other systems.

Bitrix24 was named the best free CRM for real estate due to the team collaboration tools like chats and video calls, online meetings, team feeds, and workgroups. All these capabilities can be launched directly in the CRM without requiring any outside software or integrations. The provided project management tools help limit the number of tasks that fall through the cracks. Managers have the tools to manage their team’s time, delete tasks for team members, and track the costs of projects. These tools can be extremely helpful when preparing to launch a new listing.

The availability of website tools and a contact center provide added value to Bitrix24. The block-based website builder allows agents to create attractive landing pages to convert leads. The contact center centralizes all communication from social media platforms, so agents don’t have to toggle between the different sites to see client activity and reply to social media messages and comments. With this tool, agents can leverage their social platforms to market their listings without feeling overwhelmed by multiple sites.

Additional Bitrix24 Features

  • Sales tunnels: Agents can separate their buyers from sellers and renters. Each customer base can have its own deal pipeline and sales funnel with customized stages. Bitrix24 lets you connect funnels so lead generation can link to showing and closing stages.
  • Facebook Lead Ads integration: Easily capture qualified leads on Facebook using a webform that automatically transfers into the CRM.
  • Live chat for your website: Can instantly communicate with website visitors and prospective clients. The communication is saved within the CRM for later reference.
  • SMS communication: Ability to run marketing campaigns through text messages to mass communicate with contact lists.

Bitrix24 Pricing

Pricing for Bitrix24 is a simple flat fee with no per-user pricing. Fees are calculated on a monthly basis with commitments of one month, three months, or one year.

  • Free: The free plan includes unlimited users and offers access to all available collaboration tools, tasks and projects tools, CRM, contact center, website builder, and 5GB online storage.
  • Basic: Starting at $61 for five users with added online store tools, customer support, and 24GB of online storage.
  • Standard: Starting at $124, 50 users can access account administration tools, marketing tools, online documents, and 100GB of online storage.
  • Professional: Starting at $249, 100 users will have added sales intelligence, HR, and automation tools. Agents also receive 1,024GB of online storage.
  • Enterprise: Ideal for larger businesses with plans starting at $499 for 250 users with branch structure tools, growth and scalability tools, and 3TB of online storage.

Bitrix24 Reviews

Bitrix24 has provided many users with one unified platform for their team to store files, manage projects, communication, and store contacts. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, users have stated the platform has increased their business performance and team productivity through a boost in collaboration among the teams. Some users even mention reducing expenses by implementing the Bitrix24 platform into their operations.

The negative reviews of the Bitrix24 platform found the user interface to be a bit slow and not user-friendly. They found new team members logging in for the first time to be frustrated with the experience and needed extra coaching to learn the software. One user said customer service response time was slow, and only chat abilities were available with tech support on a paid plan. For better customer support contact channels, Zoho CRM includes customer support through phone, email, or live chat for their free plan users.

Zillow Premier Agent: Best for Real Estate Agents in the Zillow Network

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent logo that links to Zillow Premier Agent homepage in new tab.


  • Efficiently organizes all Zillow leads in one place
  • Drip email campaign functionality
  • Can access CRM on mobile application


  • Cannot sync with other lead generation platforms outside Zillow network
  • Does not connect to agent’s IDX website
  • No deal management tools


The Zillow Premier Agent CRM contains insightful data about prospective clients. Agents will receive insights like whether the contact has an agent, is pre-approved for a mortgage, has a lender, and is moving in the timeline. Additionally, agents can see which properties a contact has liked on the Zillow network. These insights help agents prioritize their contacts and provide context during communication.

Since the CRM is connected to the Zillow network, it is one of the best free real estate CRMs for agents participating in Zillow Premier Agent lead generation. Through this program, agents can have the opportunity to become a buyer’s go-to agent. This exclusive relationship lasts for 30 days, with the option of extending if you continue communicating with the client. When you are a buyer’s agent, no matter where the client searches for properties on the Zillow network, you’ll show up as their primary point of contact, increasing your opportunity to represent the client.

The main feature of the Zillow Premier Agent CRM is the mobile application and CRM tools. The mobile application provides all the same functionality as the desktop. Agents can now update clients, respond to leads, and get reminders at showings and listing appointments while on the road. The mobile CRM tools let agents push their sales pipeline forward with a list of tasks and the ability to add notes to clients during showings.

Additional Zillow Premier Agent Features

  • Agent performance tracking: Leaders can track each agent’s performance to see closing rates, which areas they are receiving the most leads in, and the status of each contact.
  • Task reminders: Team leaders can set reminders to help keep your team on top of client follow-ups.
  • Call recordings: Beneficial to agents so they can listen to past conversations. Team leaders can also listen in to recordings to use as training materials and opportunities to help convert leads.

Zillow Premier Agent Pricing

The CRM is free with the participation of Zillow Premier Agent. Zillow Premier Pricing is based on selected ZIP codes and the current competition with agents within a particular ZIP code. You can check out Zillow’s Agent Resources to learn more about how pricing is calculated.

Zillow Premier Agent Reviews

Although the rating of Zillow Premier Agent is low at 2.2 out of 5, many reviews are related to the lead generation platform itself. The few reviews, including mentions of the CRM, were positive. Clients liked that the CRM contained more detailed information than other CRMs, like property square footage.

However, the same user said the platform did not include commercial property information. In our review of the Zillow Premier Agent CRM, we would like to see more integration with other online lead generation sites or let users purchase the CRM without participating in the lead generation program. IXACT Contact is an alternative option for a CRM that integrates with Zillow and third-party sites.

How We Evaluated the Best Free CRMs for Real Estate

Real estate agents can purchase some of the best real estate software available. However, if their CRM platform isn’t intuitive, easy to use, or can’t grow with your business, it won’t benefit your real estate business. The benefits of leveraging free real estate CRM software are to see which one works for your sales process, its capacity for technology, and additional features to help minimize having too many technology vendors. When deciding on the best real estate CRM, agents should consider pricing, features, ease of use, and available customer support to find the best fit.

We determined that Freshsales is the best overall free CRM. It has the ability to include unlimited users, customer service through phone, email, and live chat, and a robust mobile application that supports an agent’s lead generation and conversion. Its rating of 4.6 out of 5 and 24×5 customer support solidified our conclusion of being an exceptional free real estate CRM.

The following criteria were taken into consideration when determining the best free real estate CRM for real estate agents:

25% of Overall Score

All of the CRM providers evaluated offered free plans with the option of paid plans for additional access to platform features. We considered how many subscription plans were offered, along with whether the platform allowed monthly billing or if agents had to pay the full annual amount upfront.

25% of Overall Score

The free real estate CRMs evaluated provided all the general features to support real estate lead generation and nurturing. We assessed whether reporting and analytics, customizable pipelines, integrations, contact management, drip campaigns, and task assignments and reminders were provided to users.

15% of Overall Score

To further evaluate the CRMs, we rated whether the platform provided features to make the experience more robust. Features like a mobile app, lead rotation automation, marketing tools, email marketing, data tracking, website and landing page creator, team collaboration tools, deal management, and segmented lists added to the benefits of using that particular CRM.

10% of Overall Score

In our consideration of the best CRM, we wanted to understand whether there was any technical skill required to set up and operate the CRM. Additionally, having drag-and-drop features and an intuitive interface increased our rating of the software.

5% of Overall Score

When agents are focused on converting leads, it is essential that they were supported with available customer service hours via phone, email, and live chat support.

10% of Overall Score

We reviewed customer feedback for each software, with particular attention given to reviews of the product and popularity of the provider, to certify the CRM meets user satisfaction.

10% of Overall Score

Expertise in the field and firsthand experience with the software allow us to evaluate the standout features, value for the money, and ease of use for each CRM.

*Percentages of overall score

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