8 Best Online Assessment Software in 2022

Remote work has brought unique benefits to companies, enabling many to stay afloat through the pandemic. But, it’s also created some unusual challenges.

While it has become easier than ever to find global talent and build diverse remote teams, assessing employees’ skills and knowledge or gauging their engagement and productivity levels can be complicated if you’re working remotely.

If you want to understand what new, existing, or potential employees can bring to the table, you need dedicated online assessment software that provides you with valuable insights.

Whether you want to improve your recruiting and onboarding processes, provide better self-development opportunities, or simply identify your best performers, this article will help you choose the best software for the job. So, let’s look at some of the top online assessment tools of 2022 that can help you out.

1. ProProfs Online Assessment Software

As one of the most popular quiz-making solutions among large and small businesses alike, ProProfs takes the cake as the top online assessment tool.

First off, the learning curve is all but nonexistent. ProProfs’s intuitive interface lets even your least tech-savvy employees get the hang of it. Plus, it packs in all the important assessment-making features and tools, with a dedicated web help center to guide you in using them effectively.

Ideal for recruiting, onboarding, training, and employee engagement, ProProfs lets you choose between creating your assessments from scratch or modifying its 100+ ready-to-use and customizable assessments designed by professionals. You can also create your own question banks to make future test creations a breeze.

Other features include question branching logic, automated grading, instant feedback, personalized certificates, virtual classrooms, multi-language support and much more. You also get detailed analytics on the performance of your test-takers to analyze common knowledge gaps and areas for improvement.

2. CodeSignal

CodeSignal is a specialized assessment software. As its name suggests, it’s designed primarily for technical assessments in the IT department and is best suited for coding professionals, engineers, and backend developers.

Companies most commonly use it in the recruitment phase as this tool enables them to gauge their applicants’ theoretical and practical skills.

Instead of having your applicants answer just simple theoretical questions, CodeSignal stimulates the real-world environment and lets them solve real problems that they could encounter in day-to-day work.

This assessment software supports over 70 programming languages and tools. It boasts useful ATS integrations and countless valuable features that simplify IT recruitment.

Most importantly, it helps to remove bias in recruitment, enabling you to hire talent best-suited to your company.

3. Think Exam

Think Exam lets you identify the best candidates for your company and assess their competencies quickly and effectively to reduce your time to hire. It is an advanced AI proctoring solution most commonly used by businesses and educational institutions. It’s also highly interactive, dynamic, and user-friendly.

The online tool boasts an array of features to make pre-employment screenings faster and easier.

Features like simple candidate management, fast course and test creation, a detailed test taker panel, and a comprehensive reporting system make it an ideal solution for enhancing your remote recruitment process.

4. ClassMarker

ClassMarker is an easy-to-use online assessment tool that offers secure and customizable testing solutions for hiring, training, and educational purposes. It supports a variety of question types, including  multiple choice, short answer, matching, essay, video-response, etc. and lets you randomize questions to prevent cheating. Questions get graded automatically for instant feedback and results.

You can easily assign the tests you create by simply sharing or embedding a link or by creating a group with registered users who will have exclusive access to the test. ClassMarker also has good reporting and analytics capabilities and can be integrated with third-party learning management systems.  

5. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite isn’t just an online assessment tool. It’s a comprehensive learning management solution with advanced features that can optimize workflows and even automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

While it’s best used for employee training, its quizzes can serve any purpose – pre-employment assessments, skill tests, lead generation quizzes, compliance training, etc. You can rely on iSpring Suite to develop your training materials, including full-blown online courses.

Considering its vast array of features, it’s no surprise that iSpring Suite has a larger learning curve than some similar solutions. Still, all it takes is a bit of trial and error to get accustomed to it.

6. GLIDER.ai

GLIDER.ai is a sophisticated AI-empowered hiring platform that’s most commonly used in healthcare, technology, engineering, financial, and logistics industries.

It’s a powerful solution that can help you attract top talent and enhance your recruitment process, helping you save time, money, and effort on finding suitable candidates for your vacant positions.

From skill and personality tests to GDPR and CCPA compliance assessments, live and collaborative interviews, and upskill & reskill training, GLIDER.ai has everything you may need to ensure that your employees become your best asset.

Depending on your needs, you can rely on pre-made tests and launch them immediately, or start from scratch and develop fully-customized online assessments.

GLIDER.ai lets you choose from over 30 question types, embed audio and video files, enable video answers, and develop top-notch tests that give you a complete picture of employee competencies.

The tool’s detailed reports will highlight the best performers and help you identify top candidates for your company.

7. Evalart

Although it has a slightly outdated design, Evalart is a sophisticated assessment software suitable for businesses across industries.

It has a vast assessment library with dozens of tests separated into categories – data science and AI, IT knowledge, programming, languages, project management, intelligence and aptitude, and psychometric tests, to name but a few.

If none of the pre-made tests seem suitable, you can always create your assessments from scratch.

Evalart’s strongest feature is its reporting functionality which will inform you about the test taker’s results, their scores, scores by category, and more. You’ll receive detailed insights that can help you make better hiring decisions.

8. Easy LMS

Easy LMS is an online learning management system that offers assessment tests as a stand-alone feature. This user-friendly tool lets you quickly create assessments for onboarding and training employees and customers and supports a variety of question types with automated scoring.

It also offers in-depth reporting and analytics, which makes it easy to analyze knowledge gaps to refine and tailor your training courses. Other features include white labeling functionality and multi-language support (24 languages for the participant interface and 11 languages for the admin dashboard).

Final Thoughts

Online assessment software is indispensable for companies that need to improve their recruitment, onboarding, and training processes.

With the right tool, you can attract the right people to your company, upskill and reskill your employees, and create a powerful workforce that drives the success of your business.

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