The weather is warming up and many people are starting to think about getting a side job for the summer. The fact of the matter is, people are looking for side jobs near them year-round. Maybe you need the extra cash. Maybe you just don’t like idle time. Either way, you have a lot of opportunities to consider.

Rent Your Space

We all know that space is a commodity. We all want to “live small” until it comes time to store that new boat or host a puppy pool party. Then, that high-rise condo isn’t as appealing as it once was.

If you have extra space, whether that be a room, a garage or even a backyard, you may be able to rent it to others.

  • Sniffspot – rent spaces for dogs
  • Airbnb– rent your home or spare room to travelers
  • FlipKey – vacation rentals
  • StowIt – storage rentals
  • Peerspace – rent space for events, photoshoots, etc.
  • StoreAtMyHouse – peer-to-peer storage space

Rent Your Car

Maybe you are short on space, but you have stuff – like a car. Travelers are often looking for transportation options outside of buses, cabs and traditional rental cars. Sometimes people need a big truck to move something, but only for a few hours. It isn’t feasible to go out and buy one.

You can rent your wheels for extra money. Often these companies provide insurance to cover your goods while in the hands of strangers.

  • Turo– auto rentals
  • GetAround – auto rentals
  • Wrapify or Carvertise – get paid to put ads on your car

Make Deliveries

Maybe you aren’t comfortable with a stranger being behind the wheel of your automobile. That’s understandable. You can always transport their needed goods for them.

  • DoorDash– food delivery
  • Postmates – food, grocery & alcohol delivery
  • Roadie – “on-the-way” delivery of almost anything
  • CitizenShipper – peer-to-peer shipping service

Sell Stuff

Used goods are always in high demand. People are looking for a good deal. You can start out selling unwanted stuff from around the house. If you find you love the gig, you can always venture into buying for resale.

Work Online

Maybe you don’t necessarily need to find a side job in your community. Maybe you don’t mind working online.

There are a lot of “small task” sites that allow you to pick up work here and there as you have time. They may not pay much, but they don’t require a commitment either.

Small Task Apps

Local small task apps work in a similar manner though you will be performing your tasks in your community. Some of these tasks may include checking a store for a product display or price. Others may be taking photos of an item for insurance companies or long-distance buyers.

  • GigWalk
  • WeGoLook
  • FieldAgent


If you spend a lot of time online, becoming a search engine or ad evaluator might be right up your alley. In this position, you may be checking search results, map results or ad results for relevancy and quality. Often, these roles only require a few hours per week and can be done at your convenience.

The below companies often offer other small task opportunities as well.

Cashback Apps

I love rebates. I mail them in when available. I also love those that can be done without a stamp. There are a lot of websites and apps these days that offer a little bit of money back if you purchase through their partner links or snap a photo of your receipt.

  • Rakuten– formerly Ebates
  • Ibotta– get rebates on your groceries when you upload a receipt
  • Fetch– earn free rewards by scanning your grocery receipts
  • Swagbucks– like Rakuten, get cashback when you shop through their partner links


If you love your smartphone, you may enjoy doing a few surveys in your spare time. While it can take some time for these earnings to add up, it’s something to do during commercial breaks.

Dog Walker

If you love pets, consider walking a dog or two in the mornings or evenings or on the weekends. The companies below offer background checks, a marketplace and insurance.

Help People Move

If you can lift heavy things, have a truck and don’t mind a little sweat on your brow, you can offer your services as a mover. There are several peer-to-peer moving marketplaces available that will help connect you with people needing moving help. Many will even cover cargo and liability insurance.

  • Bellhops
  • GoShare

Event or Destination Staff

Whether it’s a baseball game, conference, festival or concert, events need staff. From ticket takers to clean-up crew to brand ambassadors, there may be a short-term gig out there for you. You can often find these positions on Craigslist under the Gigs section. There are also usually event staffing companies in medium and large cities that you can sign up with as well.

If you like to travel, you can even get a seasonal gig in another state. Check out Workamper for opportunities.


If you love kids and have the knowledge to share, tutoring is a great opportunity. You can offer tutoring services to local students or go online with an established company like Education First, VIPKID, or Connections Academy.

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Wash Cars

No one likes waiting in line for a car wash. More and more we are seeing people offering to bring the car wash to you. You don’t need to buy into a fleet opportunity either. You can simply offer your services to those in your neighborhood.


This side job is going to require a commitment and a set schedule. It may not be as flexible as many others on this list, but it can be seasonal and provide a steady paycheck.

Sell Printables

Looking for cash that’s a little more “hands-off?” If you have an eye for design and love helping people solve their problems or keep themselves busy, you can try selling printable worksheets, party games, business supplies, organization products and more.

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Where Can I Find More Side Jobs Near Me?

If you are ready to explore even more side gigs nearby, there are a few sites to bookmark:

  • Steady
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Jobs

Looking for something offering a bigger paycheck? Don’t mind committing to a more stringent schedule? Here are a few great freelance industries to consider as well:

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