12 Legitimate Work-From-Home Healthcare Jobs

INSIDE: Get ideas about work-from-home healthcare jobs and details on where to find job leads.

Working at home become mainstream during the Covid 19 pandemic, but even before that, remote jobs were a growing trend. Technology has allowed more industries to offer positions through telecommunication and without any loss of accuracy or production.

That includes the medical industry. Believe it or not, there are several work-from-home healthcare jobs available.

Which Healthcare Jobs Can You Do From Home?

Even though it seems like a medical job would have to be onsite, caring for patients, many of the available online positions provide care through over-the-phone services.

With the current shortages of doctors, the healthcare industry has begun to utilize remote nurses to provide quick assessments of patients, helping to alleviate some of the pressure off the in-office staff. Most online positions will require certification and/or experience, which can be completed online as well.

And if you are already a registered nurse, the good news is there continues to be a high demand for nurses. Due to an aging population and chronic problems such as heart disease and obesity, the need for qualified nurses seems like it will only increase. The number of RNs is expected to increase from 15% from 2016 to 2026!

Working from home is not for everyone but if you are goal-driven, a self-starter, and would like a more flexible career with less commute, take a look at some of your options.

Note: Companies listed below may not have remote openings at all times. Remote working arrangements can also change at any time. Please refer to the companies’ websites for current positions.

This is not an all-inclusive list!

1. Phone Triage Nurse

Most insurance companies and some physician’s offices offer after-hours or non-emergency “ask-a-nurse” hotlines where patients can ask general questions about treatment or equipment or assess the urgency of a medical condition. The sort of calls they might deal with include what to do if a child is ill, clarification on a treatment plan, or general questions about a prescription.

These positions typically require a Bachelor’s Degree and possibly proper state licensing. You can find several companies that hire triage nurses and insurance liaisons at:

2. Medical Transcriptionist

If you’re interested in a home health job but aren’t the caregiver type, consider becoming a medical transcriptionist. Many doctors dictate patient notes after an office visit. These voice recordings then need to be transcribed. A transcriptionist also listens for any missing information or errors that could be interfering with the patient’s care.

Providing consistent work is vital, so it is easy for doctors and nurses to understand the patient’s records quickly. This work can be extremely flexible and can be a perfect home job for someone who has small children and can only dedicate a few hours at a time to working.

Most companies will require the completion of an approved course such as the one offered through Career Step. (Payment plans and funding assistance are available.)

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The compensation varies either by hours worked or lines transcribed. Medical transcriptionist jobs and companies that frequently hire can be found at:

  • MT Helping Hand
  • iMedX
  • Terra Nova Transcription
  • Acusis
  • iScribes
  • TransPerfect
  • AQuity Solutions
  • Phoenix MedCom

A related career is a virtual medical scribe. Unlike medical transcription, where you simply write out everything exactly as it was said, a scribe virtually listens in on patient visits and interprets the conversation to create a summary of the necessary info, including the medical coding information that eventually gets passed on to a biller. A scriber handles other tasks for physicians as well, such as writing referral letters to specialists should the patient need care elsewhere. Medical scribes usually already have experience in the healthcare industry.

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3. Medical Billing and Coding

Coding specialists review patient records and input the proper codes for insurance billing. Coders are in high demand, and medical coding is a growing field with many organizations desperately searching for a coder to fill a position. While many work on-site, there are telecommute medical coder positions available as well.

The average salary is around $40,000 annually. As with most work-from-home medical jobs, this one also required training and certification. This can be done through CareerStep.

Job listings can be found at:

  • Career Assist
  • AAPC
  • McKesson
  • AviaCode
  • Change Healthcare
  • Spectraforce
  • CSI Companies
  • Mercy Health
  • Conifer Health Solutions
  • Amphion Medical
  • The Coding Network
  • LexiCode
  • Precyse

4. Medical Writers

Writers who have knowledge of the healthcare industry are needed for a variety of publications both online and off. A good medical writer needs to be able to take complex medical concepts and put them in simple English so the masses can understand them. The writing can include promotional materials, journal articles, medical website copy, textbooks, and much more. Jobs can be found at:

Many hospitals and facilities also employ nurse bloggers. If you have a clear writing style, a strong grasp of grammar, and experience working in the medical field, see if sites in your area have blogs and inquire as to whether they are hiring.

5. Insurance Claims & Customer Service / Patient Care Advocate

Many large health insurance companies hire nurses to help process their claims and handle customer service issues. And many of these nurses work from home, talking on the phone to customers to help them understand any products and service questions they may have. They also might assist the customers in helping them to understand their treatment plans and the different options available to them.

Many customer service positions are also called Patient Care Advocates. Keep that in mind when performing your searches.

  • Express Scripts/Cigna
  • United HealthCare
  • Anthem
  • Aetna
  • American International Group (AIG)
  • The Hartford
  • ARO
  • Healthfirst

6. Pharmacists

You may be wondering how a pharmacist could work from home. Rather than filling prescriptions, these remote workers often offer consulting services to patients, helping them understand and administer their prescriptions and find the best discount programs available.

  • Express Scripts
  • Humana
  • Babylon Health
  • Walgreens

7. Recruiter

Do you like meeting and connecting with new people and want to start a healthcare career? Then health care recruiting might be for you!

Companies rely on people to help recruit nurses into their programs. Your role would be to match nurses into specific programs, so a strong ability to read people and understand their strengths and weaknesses quickly is needed.

Many times, you would be working closely with human resources departments to help them land an ideal worker for an open position. Through your work as a recruiter, you can have a large impact on the number of people you are able to employ.

This position is often commission-based, and you must be self-driven and motivated to complete your work.

  • Relode
  • Ascension Health
  • AMN Healthcare

8. Case Management

Case managers evaluate the clinical and psychosocial needs of a patient, help develop a treatment and care plan, and answer any questions the patient might have. As the main point of contact for the patients, you would have to be able to help your client through their medical process and give them the correct referrals if needed. You would also be required to coordinate with other care providers in order to follow the treatment plan and follow up on results.

You are able to get a behavior case manager job with an associate degree but have a better chance with a bachelor’s degree. Strong clinical knowledge is necessary, and many times, you must know how to run practice management systems.

  • Nurse.com
  • Cigna
  • AmerisourceBergen
  • Telehealth Care Coach Coordinator with Sykes
  • 83Bar – Clinical Contact Specialists
  • Aetna

9. Nurse Educator

If you have experience in nursing and a passion for spreading that knowledge, you can find a remote job as an educator at an accredited university online. The teacher would be responsible for evaluating students, providing feedback, planning the curriculum, and, of course, teaching.

Every state has schools that have an online nursing program, so do a search to find the school that fits you best. Master’s degrees are often required to be able to teach from home. If you don’t have a Master’s degree, then you may be able to work as a tutor, but the pay will be much lower with fewer responsibilities.

  • Achieve Test Prep
  • National University
  • Rasmussen University
  • Kaplan
  • Kieser

Companies are looking for registered nurses who are able to serve as liaisons between the healthcare and legal industry. Most legal professionals are unable to read a medical chart or understand a case fully, so legal nurse consultants will help bridge the gap of knowledge. They may need to identify standards of care, review medical records, or summarize a patient’s illness or injury. Through this work, the consultants can help reduce the number of misjudged people due to the court’s misunderstanding or misinformation about a medical case.

The job field for nurses in legal consulting is growing quickly. You must be licensed in the state you work in and must complete a 6-week program as a legal nurse consultant. Courses will include legal terminology and medical malpractice.

11. Quality Management Nurse Consultant

Nurses who don’t want to be involved directly with patient care can try their hand at quality management. You would be in charge of reviewing data and providing recommendations based on the information they found in relation to risk, patient safety, and infection prevention. You would be involved in the risk management program and offer suggestions to improve the safety of the hospital based on what is observed. Consultants often coordinate with all departments at the office or hospital to ensure that patients are getting the best and safest care possible.

Certification in quality management is usually required. Search online for companies hiring a quality management consultant in your state. Other jobs can be found here:

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12. Work-at-Home Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs

While there may be some overlap with the companies listed above, below are companies known for hiring LPNs to work from home. You will likely need an active license in your state.

  • UnitedHealth Group
  • BroadPath Healthcare Solutions
  • Magellan Health
  • Anthem
  • Syneos Health
  • Amgen
  • Stryker
  • PRA Health Sciences
  • Abbott
  • VocoVision
  • Covance
  • CVS Health
  • Johnson & Johnson

Benefits of Work From Home Nursing Jobs

Generally, companies will hire nurses as either part-time or full-time employees. They often offer benefits including 401(k) plans, paid holidays, and medical and dental insurance. However, each job and company is different and requires a thorough reading of the job description to make sure you are fully qualified and licensed in the correct state. Not every company will hire in every state.

Nurses no longer have to be confined to a building and can perform many vital roles outside of the office or hospital. But working from home is not for everyone. The benefits can be appealing; no long, boring meetings, you can wear pajamas to work, and there is no commute.

On the other hand, the cons can include a lack of support from colleagues, which could lead to feelings of isolation, and you may find it difficult to escape from work because you are always connected to your phone and computer. However, for many, working at home can provide the perfect work/life balance with flexible hours (and flexible pants!)

Where to Find a Work From Home Healthcare Job

If working at home as a nurse is the right fit for you, I recommend you check out FlexJobs. Their leads are always researched and always telecommute. Their listings typically include a good number of health care jobs. Many companies list their job listings directly on job board sites like FlexJobs, so make sure to check back regularly to find a home health care job that works for you!

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