🔥TikTok affiliate marketing: Which vertical to pick in 2023?


TikTok affiliate marketing: Which vertical to pick in 2023?

TikTok is gaining momentum. No one took this platform seriously two years ago, yet today TikTok is already breathing down the necks of industry giants like Instagram and Facebook. Just look at the official stat data of We are social — in 2022, TikTok boasted over 1 billion active monthly users.
There are currently 4.8 billion Internet users in the world with 20.83% of them using TikTok.


As we can remember, back in January 2018, TikTok had only 54.7 million users, the audience of the platform has grown significantly over the last 4 years.
According to the Kepios report, TikTok’s global ad coverage reaches 17.9% (that’s 884.9 million people or 15.9% of the global population over 18).

How can you just walk by such a fast-growing app with a live audience? That’s right, you don’t! That’s why TikTok is so hyped up, with everyone rushing to master this popular platform.

What makes TikTok a good traffic source?

The platform’s audience is diverse so you won’t have any trouble picking a niche. A major advantage of TikTok for affiliates is the ad format


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